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New Month

December 1st, 2005 at 01:41 pm

I like the first day of the month when I can do all the end of the last month's figures. Hurt too much to keep sleeping this morning and so was up early totalling up our online book business total (and PROFIT!!!) calculated my $5000 challenge. Before hubby was even done with his morning coffee, I had him grinning. We had had some potentially bad news about one of his customers in his other business earlier this week, but things seemed to have calmed down and we sat and figured that even if we have to return a very large downpayment, we will survive and there will be more work. And this mornings financial update pleased him no end!

My marriage is a dream come true for me. Hubby trusts me with his/our money and to pay the bills, etc. Neither one of us go crazy shopping (a splurge is 2 bags of chips or the occasional new DVD). My first husband who had significant problems didn't even trust me to take his paycheck to the bank for him to cash and return the money to him--for 13 years of marriage he had his mom come pick up his check and cash it for him. It is wonderful to get to work with someone who is working with you towards financial goals, than someone who won't even let you into his life.


Hubbies present

November 29th, 2005 at 08:07 pm

Got sent an LL Bean catalog in the mail today. (actually it was sent to my ex who has never lived here). While looking through it I saw a great pair of slippers that I know my hubby would like. I've heard such great things about LL Bean and the quality of their products and their return policy, that I went on line and ordered a pair for my hubby. Being as he has size 13 feet it is hard to find cheap slippers that he likes and that lasts. He likes the kind that covers up his ankles. The last pair of slippers I got him started falling apart on Christmas Day. I certainly hope that not only will these ones fit him okay, but that they will last at least 20 years. I think that is only fair when you spend $50 for a pair of slippers! He works on cold concrete in his workshop and so always has cold feet when he gets home.

Other than that just a lazy day resisting the urge to eat chocolate.



November 28th, 2005 at 09:32 am

Before hubby left for work, I grabbed the truck and dropped a bunch of packages off at the post office then went to the grocery store for mil and some fresh fruit and popcorn. I had been using generic popcorn in my microwave popcorn maker, but lately got addicted to Orville Redebacher Kettle corn. The slightly sweet taste handles my cravings for sweets/chocolate so health wise I ahead and money wise I'm probably ahead also as candy, etc. isn't cheap. Very proud of myself for keeping the Christmas candy tucked away and haven't touched it since I bought awhile ago. I'm trying to be much more conscious of what I eat and how much I spend at the grocery store.

We've been eating leftover turkey meals for days now, and I'm thinking it might be time for something else for supper.

Time for me to go work on laundry and sewing.


Getting better

November 27th, 2005 at 08:16 pm

After another miserable day, it feels like the pain and miseries are lifting. The weather seems to be changing so that might have been part of it. Hoping to get up feeling good tomorrow so I can get back to my sewing projects, etc.

With barely being able to move today, I definitely didn't spend anything today although I sold several things online, so made some money.



November 26th, 2005 at 11:00 am

Well after feeling really well for the last two weeks, I got up today feeling miserable. I'm tahnkful to have had such a long stretch of feeling good up to and including a holiday. Usually 1-2 decent days a week are the best I can usually hope for.

I've managed to make 2 Christmas presensts so far. Not going to even try sewing today unless I start feeling a whole lot better as I'm too fuzzy headed to truly focus in on what I'm doing. But with close to a month to make what is on my list, I feel like I'll be able to accomplish a lot of it.

Our on line sales, especially on eBay, have been doing really well, with record sales this month. Wish we could make this much every month! Smile I enjoy having something profitable to do with my time when I'm feeling up to it. I think that working with our stuff that we sell on line has actually helped me feel better and keeps depression about my illness away.

Very cold and snowy in this neck of the woods. Spent some money yesterday on line ordering 3 items off my sons wish list at Amazon for his birthday. I sure hope some of it gets here in time. Both my boys are at that awkward age (20's) living away from home, so it's really hard to know what they want or need without them just making a list.


Lovely Day

November 25th, 2005 at 05:58 am

Thanksgiving Day was so lovely for me. I paced myself. I did some baking on Wednesday, and then the turkey and other hot stuff yesterday. We didn't eat until 6PM so this gave me lots of time to get things done without getting worn out. This was the first big 'dinner' I have attempted since I got sick almost 4 years ago. It was great and my boys did the dishes. I was very thankful all day for my family and sufficient health to enjoy it yesterday.

Today I plan on spending the day being creative. I have made a red brocade purse for my son's girlfriend, now have to work on presents for my guys, a December wedding present, and I want a new top for the wedding. My sewing room is all cleaned up as I had gotten to the point there was so much clutter, that I didn't have any room to work.

No Black Friday trips to the store for me. We have plenty of leftovers, and any more presents will be handmade. I have had a very good month for sales on-line and the profits have paid for all the presents that had to be purchased. I only have to figure out a 25th birthday present for my son for next Sat.


Ready to sew

November 21st, 2005 at 06:02 am

Had a chance to go to Joann fabrics yesterday and picked up some thread on sale, and some that wasn't and several other things that I needed for the many sewing projects that I have listed in my head (way to many) but I'm really excited about having most of the next month to sew and be creative. So far all Christmas items have been purchased with my Paypal card (1.5% cash back) from my eBay earnings.

Got hubby a Christmas present-a big box of pencils. He has asked for a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils (for his workshop where he looses them continually). I will sharpen them while my machine is embroidering things.

Off to have a great day! (I hope and I hope my health holds for the next month!)


New Sheets!

November 19th, 2005 at 04:00 pm

Last night hubby stuck his had through our top sheet. The first time this happened, we tore off the whole top hem of the sheet and I resewed the hem. Well with this second time, the sheet was going to be way to short for him to be covered up and have it tucked in, so we decided we had to bite the bullet and get a new one. Considering we got these sheets a couple of years ago and they cost close to $200, we figured they would last us for a long, long time. I have never had to repair sheets and pillowcases before, but this set it has been ongoing for the past year. At $200 for a set of sheets for a king size bed with a deep mattress, we only had the one set. So today we ended up at Kohls and found Laura Ashley sheet sets marked down from $100's to the low $30's! Got two sets! The best thing was getting them home and checking to see that they fit the mattress and they did, Yippee! Now I know I have a spare pair when I get behind on the laundry. What happened to being able to buy separate top and bottom sheets and pillowcases? Everything, except for standard pillowcases all are being sold in a set whether you need the whole set or not.

I love getting deals like that. I also found a set of towels at half price that I will be able to monogram with my embroidery machine and then give as a wedding gift for a couple that is getting married next month. Incidently, the guy getting married is the guy who first brought my honey to my house the first time I met him. I literally met my husband in my living room!


Met a Goal

November 18th, 2005 at 08:29 pm

I'd been hoping and working towards a goal for what I do on ebay. I wanted at least 1000 items listed in my store before Christmas, and if I count duplicates of items I made it today. I even sold a craft pattern 12 minutes after listing it. I'm hoping for some good Christmas sales over the next couple of weeks. This also means that now I can spend some time doing other things like some Christmas sewing and maybe some baking. What I really need to do is clean my house though.

Got a $10 rebate in the mail today that will go into my $5000 challenge. Walked to the post office to mail two books I'd sold, no purchases today other than postage and ebay listing fees.

Even managed to get an hour of sewing in. I've felt pretty good for the last couple days and it is amazing what I can get done when I feel okay. Unfortunately I rarely have more than a day or two a week, if that, where I'm doing really well.


Christmas Shopping

November 17th, 2005 at 10:51 am

Yesterday, we had lovely weather so I paid the bills, took hubby to work and then ran errands and got my Christmas shopping done (such as it was). Unfortunately I went to a gorcery store to buy gift cards for my sons, who appreciate free food, and left my coupon envelope and my shopping list in the grocery cart. All my coupons are now gone and while shopping at Walmart for things I 'needed' I ended up with stuff that wasn't on the list and forgot stuff that was. I did manage to stock up on a few health things my hubby uses so they will last the winter. Got more gift cards for my sons. Got some Christmas candy and more walnuts at the drugstore and except for making some presents and buying my brother a gift card we are done with shopping. We only do presents for our two boys and my single brother and each other. My boys live on their own and understand that mom just doesn't have the energy to shop till she drops looking for the perfect gift. I do hope to make some gifts for them in my sewing room, though. It doesn't seem like we do much compared to others, but we don't care, we do what we can afford and try to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I did buy all the Christmas stuff with my Paypal card and got 1.5% back on the purchases and the money on the Paypal card came from selling stuff on ebay.

Realized last night that since we changed water filters we had some extra replacement filters from our old filter and so I just put them up for sale on ebay. Looks like there is a brisk business for water filters there and I'm glad I thought of it instead of them just hanging around the house as clutter. Anyone needing PUR water filters can check out the auction at my store www.MoonwishesStore.com.

Time to go write up some more ebay auctions.


agreeing with ender513

November 16th, 2005 at 06:33 am

I tried to post yesterday, and got an error message, so this is a bit of a combo. I just read Ender513 message about drugstor buys for food and I so agree. I have been pricing walnuts, not only for holiday baking, but baking year round. The price of them has just been going up. Anyhow, while looking through my local CVS ad from this week, I noticed they had walnuts on sale for $2.99. That is the lowest price I'd seen in a year, so I picked up several bags. Last night I went out for milk and bread at the grocery store and there was their walnut display $5.49 a bag! I almost choked. I might just go and buy a few more bags at the drugstore and store them in the freezer as they stay good for a long time if frozen.

I needed a prescription filled that I take on a regular basis, so talked to the pharmacist first and then called the doctor's office. Normally she always wrote the script as take 1 or 2. Since I always take 2 I asked the nurse to please just write the script for the 30 mg size instead of the 15 mg. They managed to get the order (doesn't always happen) and buy getting the larger dose I saved money and it only cost me $12.89 for a 30 day supply of the generic med. One of the things I was really scared of when my insurance ran out was the cost of my meds (and ending up in the hospital), but so far I've doing great on getting the meds that I hadn't been able to squirrel extra away. This past spring while I still had insurance, they switched companies so I got everything refilled with one compnay, and then turned around and got refills with the new company to put me 3 months (at least) ahead on my meds. Hopefully I have enough of most everything until my Medicare kicks in and I get that drug coverage thing figured out.

I did join AARP now that I just turned 50. Took the three year plan as it was cheaper in the long run and both my parents and my in-laws say that AARP Medicare supplements are the cheapest/best in this area, but you have to be a member.

I've balanced my checkbook for the week and now have to pay the weekly bills. I have found that balancing the checkbook weekly really catches mistakes before they can become big ones.


made some money

November 11th, 2005 at 09:58 pm

I sell books and sewing patterns on line, mostly through ebay and Amazon and ended up selling almost $100 worth of books today! Yippee! On Tuesday ebay had a 10 cent fixed price listing day that I took advantage of and boy am I glad. Except for ebay and Paypal fees, most everything I sell this month is pure profit. Keeps me busy and out of trouble. I'm hoping to get to the thrift store tomorrow to liik for more bargains for resell and also I NEED to start Chritmas sewing. We are going to give gift cards to our boys, but one boy has a serious girlfriend, so finally I get to make something girly!

Now if I could just get sleepy enough to go to sleep so that I won't be a zomby tomorrow (today already) Smile


Grocery Shopping!

November 11th, 2005 at 06:05 am

The joy of grocery shopping at Walmart, is the cheaper prices. The other joy is that you can also pick up bits and bobs of things from other departments and then when the cashier totals things up you get to have a heart attack! Our total before coupons was $199. Then I remembered we had a 3 pack of water filters. Our PUR water filter kept breaking and we kept replacing and I finally decided enough was enough. Got a Dupont water filter a couple of months ago and haven't had a bit of problem, so last night we got replacement filters--the faucet mount portion and the filters themselves are MUCH cheaper than the 'big' brands and seem to be working a whole lot better. We also picked up 2 of the 42 count Prilosec boxes (on sale due to price matching) and had 2 $1 off coupons. I have to take Prilosec daily and my prescription plan always covered it (used to cost $300 for a 3 month supply), now with no prescription plan I have to constantly be looking for bargains. Hubbies Mountain Dew was on sale, so 10 bottles of that. Before we knew it the cart was full and then hubby kept wondering what the wonderful smell was in the store.....all the BBQ chicken which he had to buy one and then he saw the boneless chicken wings and had to get a pound of that and were they ever yummy--we ate half a pound in the check out line, it took the expression 'going out to eat' to new heights! Smile The cooked chicken meant I didn't have to cook supper and have enough meat for dinner tonight (unless hubby starts picking at it!).

It was great just getting out of the house as I was starting to get cabin fever. Got home and had several things sell from my ebay store which is very nice. Had a book sell through Amazon this morning for $15. I've sold $375 worth of stuff on line this month.


Not much happening

November 10th, 2005 at 10:37 am

Slow day here. I made hubby's sandwich and wrapped it in some loose aluminum foil I had hanging around. When he saw it, he thought we must be getting really low on things in the house. I told him I was just being frugal-didn't want to throw out a perfectly good piece of foil.

Now that wet/cold weather is here, I won't be getting out much, which means spending opportunities for me are even less. Just need to try and keep doing frugal type things. We had the heat turned off most of the last week because it was in the 60s. We had to turn it back on again as it is down in the 40s now.

One of the best frugal things I ever did was oraganizing my bill paying system so that nothing goes out late and all credit cards are paid in full which is a huge savings on late charges and finance charges.

We are also a one car family so I can't just hope in a car and go grocery shopping whenever I want. I make a list and when it seems long enough, I tell hubby I need the truck and take him to work so I can go get groceries or we go together for our 'date' night.


catching up

November 8th, 2005 at 10:11 pm

Wow I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted! I've been sick a lot lately and then trying to play catchup before I'm down for the count again. Spending the most of my time listing things on ebay and have quite a feww sales from there. Being sick I haven't been out much, so haven't spent much. I did have a birthday though and hubby did something very unfrugal--50 red roses plus assorted other flowers. Can you guess how old I now am? I also ended up with $100 in birthday presents and used it all to buy 4 MASH DVD sets and a book off of Amazon. The DVD's will get a lot of use and the book was on machine embroidery with a CD with 57 embroidery designs on it that I can sew out. Some wonderful projects.

My son picked up some medicine I use daily when it went on sale at the grocery store. First time I've been without a prescription plan or insurance in years. I had talked with my pharmacists and he told me the over the counter med would be a LOT cheaper than him filling a script with the same stuff, so I ended up with about $120 savings.

Well I need to try and get to sleep again. I'm having a rough night.


Quiet Sunday

October 23rd, 2005 at 01:54 pm

Woke up with my knees and back really aching so not doing much other than pain pills, resting and reading. Finished an Anne Tyler book. I'd seen her books around, but had never read one till I picked up this one at the thrift store.

Got our Discover card bill yesterday and momentarily choked when I saw the total. I had forgotten we had used it for a business trip that will be fully reimbursed. We earned almost $20 for cash back from the trip so that was nice as they are giving 5% back on restaurant purchases and one of the places we stopped was a quilt store owned by a smorgasboard, so my quilt book purchases ended up with a 5% rebate too!

Just goes to show how credit card bills can add up, they are so easy to forget you made them and you just keep adding things on.


Ticked OFF!

October 21st, 2005 at 09:22 am

Well it all started with a laptop purchase two months ago with several rebates that went with the purchase. The first two rebates sent me an email a month agao stating they were sending the rebates ($200 & $35) to an address what wasn't ours with a zip code that didn't exsist. Okay I managed to get that one straightened out and finally received the money. Got another email two weeks ago stating our rebate ($70) was on the way. Didn't get it, so called today to find out where it was. Yet again they had us at a different address in a different state than where we live! Got that straightened out I hope and shortly we should get that rebate. We still had one more ($25) rebate that I hadn't heard about so at this point I'm suspicious. I call up, and they have no record of receiving a submission (of course I haven't gotten it back in the mail). The only way to resubmit is to send copies of everything again to them, which means going to the store and getting a copy of the UPC as we don't have a copy--most of us don't have copy machines here at home! Since I had to fill out 4 different rebates forms, I find it interesting that I could have possibly filled out my address incorrectly on all of them--NOT! All I can think of is this is their way of getting out of paying out for these rebates, hope people forget they sent them in, and send them to a wrong address where they will end up being sent back to the company and go back into their kitties. Makes me really mad, as I was extremely careful filling these out-checking and double checking that I had done everthing correctly. OK done venting!


Flare up

October 19th, 2005 at 07:07 pm

Had a great day yesterday. Hung laundry on the line (nice windy day), got alot done for the on-line book business. Around 6PM, hubby came home and took me back up to the shop/home building project to show off what he had done. I now have stud walls and can envision the size of the enomours walk-in closet, big bathroom, sewing room, bedroom, living areas upstairs. Downstairs he has the bathroom and office stud walls up. The rest of the area will be a big great room concept where he will have his 9' concert grand piant when he gets done restoring it (after the piano projects that he gets PAID for). By the time I got done looking around, I realized I was getting really sore and by the time we got home, I was into a major flare-up--pain city! Couldn't sleep at all last night I hurt so much. I ended up balancing the checkbook at 2AM, cruising the internet, etc. anything to try and take my mind off of the pain.

I was planning on running errands today, including buying a new sheet as ours was falling apart. We only have one sheet set that fits the bed. I have never spent so much on a set a sheets like I did for these, nor have I ever mended sheets so much either. I did manage to mend them again today and saved the expense of buying more, especially since I couldn't walk well enough to leave the house. This is the first time I ever had 100% cotton sheets, so I don't know if that is why they keep getting tears or what, but I've had sheets that had lasted years without falling apart and this set is just 2 years old! I'm going to really have to hunt down a good bargain.

Anyhow, with not feeling good enough to run errands, I didn't spend anything other than order some items for resell on ebay-hopefully for a good profit, otherwise egg on my face with hubby Smile


Date Night

October 16th, 2005 at 01:08 pm

After a busy week at work, hubby declared date night last night. We went to a well known chicken place for dinner then next door to Barnes & Noble where we spent a few hours browsing, plus I picked up a new magazine, two new books including Janet Evanovich's latest, and paid our B&N membership fee. I was having major pain most of the day and hubby was too after so much physical work, so we ended up with an early night. He started in not feeling well and I joined him in it a few hours later. I was up and down all night, so not much sleep. First thing I did this morning was dump the leftover chicken in the garbage and told hubby I had no plans on going there again. So much trouble sleeping during the night, I missed church.

I did get to put in some last minute bids for some ebay auctions today and won 8 of them--all some informative magazines that will help me out in my book business. I got them for a great price. I'm trying to stay within half the price I would have to pay the publisher for back issues. Always like getting a good deal.

Think I'll go and try to do some sewing and maybe a walk later.


My son

October 14th, 2005 at 08:03 pm

Got more sleep last night, so was better able to face the day. Walked to the post office with some things I'd sold and met my youngest son walking over to my house, so he walked with me to the post office and then home while we discussed what to do with his 401K from his last job. This kid is 22, going to school full-time, took out a loan for school, but is paying all his own apratment and living expenses from earning and his savings. anyhow, the job he quit last December so he could go to school, he had been at for 4+ years starting in high school. He has been faithfully contributing to a 401K during that time and had $4400+ to roll over into something else. As he thinks he may need the money next year if he doesn't find a job right away he was trying to figure out the best place to put the money. He had figured out a 3 month CD. I reminded him of the interest his ING account was paying, so we decided to put the money there. Ended up walking to the bank with him to deal with that. Took him on home and cooked him spaghetti and watched our MASH DVD with him. He also helped with dishes before he went home. Assuming he gets a decent job when he is done with school, he will be a saving crazy dude! He reads all my frugal books over and over. Not only did he have that 401K money stashed away, he had over $9000 in savings when he started school. How many kids do you know who could do that. To top it off, he is high functioning autistic! At one point in his life, I never thought he would talk, then I thought he would never graduate high school (he did with honors), wasn't sure how he would do with a job. He is nervous about getting a job for what he is training for and has already instructed us not to have any graduation celebration UNTIL he has a job and has passed any probation period! He is so funny sometimes. But what a great kid!


Running on empty

October 13th, 2005 at 06:34 pm

Only got about 3 hours sleep last night. I was hurting alot and tossing and turning. Made for a rough start today. I did manage to walk over to the bank and get my banking done (should have done it yesterday, but couldn't walk anymore). Really pushed myself to work on my on-line business and got some mailings ready to go out. Hubby came home early, walked in and said he was hungry and started scrounging in the fridge. Before I knew it, he had eaten what he wanted for supper. I ended up going to Burger King and a quick run over to the grocery store (same plaza). Spent about $10 at the store, so I think I've spent about $47 in groceries for the month, so I'm doing real well with my goal of staying under $250.

Had another ING referral today from this board-thanks! which makes my $5000 challenge up to $200! ING has changed it's referral process, now people have to deposit $250 to get the $25 bonus and the referrer get the $10 bonus. Still a great deal.

Time to hit my new stack of mystery books to get even more relaxed before I go to bed and hopefully I'll SLEEP tonight! The joys of arthritis. some of the pain you can ignore while doing things and then you go to bed and its like the pain is coming out of the woodwork-yuck.


Library Book Sale

October 12th, 2005 at 08:05 pm

Our library is having a book sale. I usually go to pick up books for resale on line. Didn't find much for resale this time, but did find a bunch of the kind of mystery books I like to read so came home with a huge stack of new reading material. These books seem to go well at www.frugalreader.com also so eventually as I read them, I'll be getting even more books.

Ended up taking two walks today. One to go get blood work and another to take some sold books to the post office. We have only one working vehicle so when hubby is at work, I have to walk or not get something done. The bloodwork was necessary and I had promised the ebay buyers that I would send their stuff today. I should really sleep well tonight as that was a lot of exercise for me today.

Leftover roast for supper, but ruined the rice in the microwave so had to start that all over again. Don't like wasting Uncle Ben's rice as it is so expensive.


Another no spend day

October 9th, 2005 at 12:54 pm

Feeling good today. Went to church in the morning. Have a roast in the crock pot. Have no plans for spending any money today. Sold something from my eBay store, so that was nice. Just have the rest of a lazy day to do what I want.


Spent money today

October 8th, 2005 at 04:03 pm

Found a great way not to spend money, is to be so sick you can't leave the house for days on end! Finally today felt well enough to go out. Visited to thrift stores and got some things for resale and some clothes for me. Stopped at Walmart for some groceries $37.22. Still need to get milk and I'm hoping some nice fresh apples which are in season here now.

Got the paperwork to fill out to get rebates from our trip which will go into my Sharebuilder account towards my $5000 challenge. My Discover card rebate should be here in a week or so and I'm trying to decide how to cash in our Visa card points--take in cash or get a higher value with gift cards. Cash I would invest in Sharebuilders, while gift cards we would end up spending the money. It's about $160 worth. this is the card my husband charges his business expenses to and the house building materials. They used to spend us Barnes & Noble gift certificates and so I didn't have to think about what to do with the money. Now playing eenie-meenie-mini-mo trying to figure this out.

We got our side of beef delivered compliments of canceling cable. We've had to packs of the hamburg so far and it has been delicious. I'm going to try a roast tomorrow and see how it tastes. Total that we paid including packaging was $1.67#. Our grocery stores don't even sell ground meat for that cheap so this was a great deal! Our freezer is supposedly full (I haven't seen it yet) which should certainly keep us going for the year.


Way Behind!

October 3rd, 2005 at 10:31 am

Got back from our trip and promptly got sick again so am way behind on everythins. Just today, I finally pulled the rest of our clothes out of the suitcase and we got home last Wens.! The only good thing about feeling so nasty so often, is at least I'm 'earning' my SS disability! Looking forward to catching up on reading journals as I feel better.

Did get a major savings on our trip. We always get a handicap room at hotels because of my physical problems, and wouldn't you know, the handicap seat on the toilet was loose. In the middle of the night, it slipped so bad that it not only pinched my thigh, it drew blood! We got that night free, all our phone calls free, and 10% off the prior night! If you have a legitimate complaint--do it. Plus the maid for some reason seemed to think she could just walk into our room at 9:15AM without knocking!

Except for one day, we had beautiful traveling weather which we hadn't expected. We also got a chance to dip our toes in the Atlantic ocean and had a chance for a very romantic kiss in the waves, till we realized how COLD the water was. Hubby had never before been to an ocean. Picked up a beautiful shell on the beach as a souvenir. Those few minutes made memories for a lifetime and cost absolutely nothing!!

I'm crashing yet again, so signing off.

Traveling tomorrow

September 23rd, 2005 at 02:17 pm

I've gotten behind with posting as I've still been battling headaches and not feeling well this whole week. Today I've been getting ready for a business trip we have to make. Last time we went somewhere, I got smart and started a packing list days ahead of time so we wouldn't forget things. Made a copy in Excell and stuck a clean new list in our suitcase. So working off that list, I have us packed up to the point of things we use daily so can't get packed yet. Sure makes things less stressful not having to try and remember things. We will be traveling by truck with our trailer attached and bringing home 2 grand pianos for my husband to repair. I don't even want to think how much gas this will cost, but it is part of the cost of doing business and the client is paying. Hotel reservations are made using my frequent traveler card from when I WAS a frequent traveler. We will get 2 free rooms after the trip plus with another card a 10% rebate on the price of the rooms and a cash rebate on our credit card. We will get free breakfast too, so that is more savings. Starting in November I'll be in the over 50 bracket, so with this hotel chain we will be able to get a 10% discount all the time.

Hopefully, I'll feel good while we are out and be good company for my honey! Of course rain is predicted for the whole time, Bummer.



September 18th, 2005 at 07:30 pm

I've had a migraine most of the day, so haven't done much but look at magazines and watched movies with DH. He went with me for a walk around the block this afternoon which helped my headache. That only gave limited relief. I have to try and get an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow as it's the bones in my neck that is causing the headache.

Another no spend day since I couldn't get out anyhow. Otherwise a quiet day.


Cheap day

September 17th, 2005 at 03:45 pm

Somehow I seemed to have made a math error on my grocery budget. I spent $5 on bread and milk and bananas today. When I added everything up, it came to less than my last few totals. Ever since I got sick, my math skills haven't been very good. Oh well. My current grocery total seems to be $217.43 with $32.57 left for the rest of the month. We have to make a business trip for about 5 of the days left where all our food will be counted as a trip expense not groceries, so I think I will make it by the skin of my teeth. I don't even want to know how much I HAD been spending on groceries before I started keeping track this month, my hubby would have been shocked!

We also went out for the last straggly yard sales of the season. I spent 35 cents on 7 books. 5 were cookbooks and will go into my collection or a cookbook lot on ebay. The other 2 books were the goodies. One is a text book has a chance of selling for around $40. The other is an old book from 1880 that only has a couple copies up for sale on the internet selling for $110 and up. My copy isn't quite as good shape, but I think I will try it on ebay first as it is an art book with a lot of great illustrations. So hopefully my 35 cents will greatly reproduce!

Spent more time writing ebay descriptions for some auctions to start later this week. We carried packages worth over $100 to the post office today. We are having a pretty good month for on line sales plus hubby picked up some business, hence the business trip.

September grocery goal $250
spent $217.43


September 16th, 2005 at 03:18 pm

Today I'm feeling so hungry, like I could eat a horse. I really would like some pizza and was sitting wondering if I could get hubby to go out tonight (fat chance!). then read everyone else's journals and decided if I want pizza, I better get on out to the kitchen and make some! I have all the ingredients and was just being lazy about supper since I've been pretty busy all day.

No spend day. Did receive money though as I had a bunch of eBay auctions end and about half the people have paid already, so I spent almost 2 hours packaging everything up and doing the paperwork. Also ended up on the phone with the Curcuit City rebate center concerning 2 rebates we are due. They had sent me emails that they had sent out our two rebates (totaling $235) to our address. As soon as I saw our address, I immediately called them up, not only was the city wrong, but so was the zip code. Could not possibly have been my error when wiffling them out--why would anyone put the wrong city and zip code down on 2 seperate rebate forms? Anyhow now they have to reissue us our checks, so who knows how much longer it will take to get them.

Off to make pizza. Thanks for all the encouragement via your journals!


No spend day

September 15th, 2005 at 08:08 pm

Didn't spend any money today. Spent the day getting some ebay auctions up and going and put some sewing patterns in my ebay store. My son popped in for awhile, so I made him tomato soup. It looked so good and I haven't had any since spring, so I made myself some for supper with celery and carrot sticks. Hubby got home and all he wanted for dinner was last nights leftovers. He loves to graze for food! So cheap meals even today.

The cable people finally showed up and turned the cable off in the middle of a MASH rerun my son and I were watching, so we are now down to our DVD/VHS collection. My hubby likes the TV going even if it is a movie he has seen 30 times before! We have no antenna-so we can't even get local channels which we never watched anyhow. I personally would just as soon sit with my nose in a book in quiet. I spent the evening trying to figure out the most profitable way to list some craft magazines for sale on ebay. I got stacks of them at yard sales this summer and now I have to get them sorted and up for sale in time for Christmas crafting.


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