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What I've done so far

August 31st, 2005 at 11:52 am

I came to this forum several weeks ago and it has helped renew my spirit of frugal mindness. I've had trouble staying on track for the last several years due to illness, but just seeing some of the ideas here I realized I could do that also!

Balanced checkbooks and paid bills today like I do every Wednesday. I had opened an ING account the other day so I was able to confirm my 2 deposits today. Referred my hubby and son so far. So my ING account stands at $46 (with my initial $1 deposit) and hubby now has $26 in his (also $1 initial deposit). I send a bunch of books off to ebookdrop and should get around $40+ but I won't count that until it is in my hand. I sell books on line already, so the books to ebookdrop were ones that I knew I would never sell so was definitely a freebie for me.

I have checked through my check book and between the 2 of us we spent well over $300 on groceries this past month. Almost $100 or more was stocking up for winter. I have artifical knees and is hard for me to get out to shop when snow is on the ground. I'm going to try and tame the grocery number to $250 for September. I've really been trying hard to get chocolate out of my life, for health reasons and financial reasons. My hubbies passion is Mountain Dew, but I doubt he would consider giving it up, so I try to get it on sale. My son picked me up 20 2L bottles the other day for $10 so that was a good deal.

Total FREE money from things I learned here $70.07! Hoping to see that amount grow and grow!