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New Month

December 1st, 2005 at 01:41 pm

I like the first day of the month when I can do all the end of the last month's figures. Hurt too much to keep sleeping this morning and so was up early totalling up our online book business total (and PROFIT!!!) calculated my $5000 challenge. Before hubby was even done with his morning coffee, I had him grinning. We had had some potentially bad news about one of his customers in his other business earlier this week, but things seemed to have calmed down and we sat and figured that even if we have to return a very large downpayment, we will survive and there will be more work. And this mornings financial update pleased him no end!

My marriage is a dream come true for me. Hubby trusts me with his/our money and to pay the bills, etc. Neither one of us go crazy shopping (a splurge is 2 bags of chips or the occasional new DVD). My first husband who had significant problems didn't even trust me to take his paycheck to the bank for him to cash and return the money to him--for 13 years of marriage he had his mom come pick up his check and cash it for him. It is wonderful to get to work with someone who is working with you towards financial goals, than someone who won't even let you into his life.