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Hubbies present

November 29th, 2005 at 08:07 pm

Got sent an LL Bean catalog in the mail today. (actually it was sent to my ex who has never lived here). While looking through it I saw a great pair of slippers that I know my hubby would like. I've heard such great things about LL Bean and the quality of their products and their return policy, that I went on line and ordered a pair for my hubby. Being as he has size 13 feet it is hard to find cheap slippers that he likes and that lasts. He likes the kind that covers up his ankles. The last pair of slippers I got him started falling apart on Christmas Day. I certainly hope that not only will these ones fit him okay, but that they will last at least 20 years. I think that is only fair when you spend $50 for a pair of slippers! He works on cold concrete in his workshop and so always has cold feet when he gets home.

Other than that just a lazy day resisting the urge to eat chocolate.


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