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Lovely Day

November 25th, 2005 at 05:58 am

Thanksgiving Day was so lovely for me. I paced myself. I did some baking on Wednesday, and then the turkey and other hot stuff yesterday. We didn't eat until 6PM so this gave me lots of time to get things done without getting worn out. This was the first big 'dinner' I have attempted since I got sick almost 4 years ago. It was great and my boys did the dishes. I was very thankful all day for my family and sufficient health to enjoy it yesterday.

Today I plan on spending the day being creative. I have made a red brocade purse for my son's girlfriend, now have to work on presents for my guys, a December wedding present, and I want a new top for the wedding. My sewing room is all cleaned up as I had gotten to the point there was so much clutter, that I didn't have any room to work.

No Black Friday trips to the store for me. We have plenty of leftovers, and any more presents will be handmade. I have had a very good month for sales on-line and the profits have paid for all the presents that had to be purchased. I only have to figure out a 25th birthday present for my son for next Sat.


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