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Christmas Shopping

November 17th, 2005 at 10:51 am

Yesterday, we had lovely weather so I paid the bills, took hubby to work and then ran errands and got my Christmas shopping done (such as it was). Unfortunately I went to a gorcery store to buy gift cards for my sons, who appreciate free food, and left my coupon envelope and my shopping list in the grocery cart. All my coupons are now gone and while shopping at Walmart for things I 'needed' I ended up with stuff that wasn't on the list and forgot stuff that was. I did manage to stock up on a few health things my hubby uses so they will last the winter. Got more gift cards for my sons. Got some Christmas candy and more walnuts at the drugstore and except for making some presents and buying my brother a gift card we are done with shopping. We only do presents for our two boys and my single brother and each other. My boys live on their own and understand that mom just doesn't have the energy to shop till she drops looking for the perfect gift. I do hope to make some gifts for them in my sewing room, though. It doesn't seem like we do much compared to others, but we don't care, we do what we can afford and try to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I did buy all the Christmas stuff with my Paypal card and got 1.5% back on the purchases and the money on the Paypal card came from selling stuff on ebay.

Realized last night that since we changed water filters we had some extra replacement filters from our old filter and so I just put them up for sale on ebay. Looks like there is a brisk business for water filters there and I'm glad I thought of it instead of them just hanging around the house as clutter. Anyone needing PUR water filters can check out the auction at my store www.MoonwishesStore.com.

Time to go write up some more ebay auctions.


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