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Not much happening

November 10th, 2005 at 10:37 am

Slow day here. I made hubby's sandwich and wrapped it in some loose aluminum foil I had hanging around. When he saw it, he thought we must be getting really low on things in the house. I told him I was just being frugal-didn't want to throw out a perfectly good piece of foil.

Now that wet/cold weather is here, I won't be getting out much, which means spending opportunities for me are even less. Just need to try and keep doing frugal type things. We had the heat turned off most of the last week because it was in the 60s. We had to turn it back on again as it is down in the 40s now.

One of the best frugal things I ever did was oraganizing my bill paying system so that nothing goes out late and all credit cards are paid in full which is a huge savings on late charges and finance charges.

We are also a one car family so I can't just hope in a car and go grocery shopping whenever I want. I make a list and when it seems long enough, I tell hubby I need the truck and take him to work so I can go get groceries or we go together for our 'date' night.


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