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Quiet Sunday

October 23rd, 2005 at 01:54 pm

Woke up with my knees and back really aching so not doing much other than pain pills, resting and reading. Finished an Anne Tyler book. I'd seen her books around, but had never read one till I picked up this one at the thrift store.

Got our Discover card bill yesterday and momentarily choked when I saw the total. I had forgotten we had used it for a business trip that will be fully reimbursed. We earned almost $20 for cash back from the trip so that was nice as they are giving 5% back on restaurant purchases and one of the places we stopped was a quilt store owned by a smorgasboard, so my quilt book purchases ended up with a 5% rebate too!

Just goes to show how credit card bills can add up, they are so easy to forget you made them and you just keep adding things on.


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