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Ticked OFF!

October 21st, 2005 at 09:22 am

Well it all started with a laptop purchase two months ago with several rebates that went with the purchase. The first two rebates sent me an email a month agao stating they were sending the rebates ($200 & $35) to an address what wasn't ours with a zip code that didn't exsist. Okay I managed to get that one straightened out and finally received the money. Got another email two weeks ago stating our rebate ($70) was on the way. Didn't get it, so called today to find out where it was. Yet again they had us at a different address in a different state than where we live! Got that straightened out I hope and shortly we should get that rebate. We still had one more ($25) rebate that I hadn't heard about so at this point I'm suspicious. I call up, and they have no record of receiving a submission (of course I haven't gotten it back in the mail). The only way to resubmit is to send copies of everything again to them, which means going to the store and getting a copy of the UPC as we don't have a copy--most of us don't have copy machines here at home! Since I had to fill out 4 different rebates forms, I find it interesting that I could have possibly filled out my address incorrectly on all of them--NOT! All I can think of is this is their way of getting out of paying out for these rebates, hope people forget they sent them in, and send them to a wrong address where they will end up being sent back to the company and go back into their kitties. Makes me really mad, as I was extremely careful filling these out-checking and double checking that I had done everthing correctly. OK done venting!


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