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Flare up

October 19th, 2005 at 07:07 pm

Had a great day yesterday. Hung laundry on the line (nice windy day), got alot done for the on-line book business. Around 6PM, hubby came home and took me back up to the shop/home building project to show off what he had done. I now have stud walls and can envision the size of the enomours walk-in closet, big bathroom, sewing room, bedroom, living areas upstairs. Downstairs he has the bathroom and office stud walls up. The rest of the area will be a big great room concept where he will have his 9' concert grand piant when he gets done restoring it (after the piano projects that he gets PAID for). By the time I got done looking around, I realized I was getting really sore and by the time we got home, I was into a major flare-up--pain city! Couldn't sleep at all last night I hurt so much. I ended up balancing the checkbook at 2AM, cruising the internet, etc. anything to try and take my mind off of the pain.

I was planning on running errands today, including buying a new sheet as ours was falling apart. We only have one sheet set that fits the bed. I have never spent so much on a set a sheets like I did for these, nor have I ever mended sheets so much either. I did manage to mend them again today and saved the expense of buying more, especially since I couldn't walk well enough to leave the house. This is the first time I ever had 100% cotton sheets, so I don't know if that is why they keep getting tears or what, but I've had sheets that had lasted years without falling apart and this set is just 2 years old! I'm going to really have to hunt down a good bargain.

Anyhow, with not feeling good enough to run errands, I didn't spend anything other than order some items for resell on ebay-hopefully for a good profit, otherwise egg on my face with hubby Smile


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