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Date Night

October 16th, 2005 at 01:08 pm

After a busy week at work, hubby declared date night last night. We went to a well known chicken place for dinner then next door to Barnes & Noble where we spent a few hours browsing, plus I picked up a new magazine, two new books including Janet Evanovich's latest, and paid our B&N membership fee. I was having major pain most of the day and hubby was too after so much physical work, so we ended up with an early night. He started in not feeling well and I joined him in it a few hours later. I was up and down all night, so not much sleep. First thing I did this morning was dump the leftover chicken in the garbage and told hubby I had no plans on going there again. So much trouble sleeping during the night, I missed church.

I did get to put in some last minute bids for some ebay auctions today and won 8 of them--all some informative magazines that will help me out in my book business. I got them for a great price. I'm trying to stay within half the price I would have to pay the publisher for back issues. Always like getting a good deal.

Think I'll go and try to do some sewing and maybe a walk later.


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