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My son

October 14th, 2005 at 08:03 pm

Got more sleep last night, so was better able to face the day. Walked to the post office with some things I'd sold and met my youngest son walking over to my house, so he walked with me to the post office and then home while we discussed what to do with his 401K from his last job. This kid is 22, going to school full-time, took out a loan for school, but is paying all his own apratment and living expenses from earning and his savings. anyhow, the job he quit last December so he could go to school, he had been at for 4+ years starting in high school. He has been faithfully contributing to a 401K during that time and had $4400+ to roll over into something else. As he thinks he may need the money next year if he doesn't find a job right away he was trying to figure out the best place to put the money. He had figured out a 3 month CD. I reminded him of the interest his ING account was paying, so we decided to put the money there. Ended up walking to the bank with him to deal with that. Took him on home and cooked him spaghetti and watched our MASH DVD with him. He also helped with dishes before he went home. Assuming he gets a decent job when he is done with school, he will be a saving crazy dude! He reads all my frugal books over and over. Not only did he have that 401K money stashed away, he had over $9000 in savings when he started school. How many kids do you know who could do that. To top it off, he is high functioning autistic! At one point in his life, I never thought he would talk, then I thought he would never graduate high school (he did with honors), wasn't sure how he would do with a job. He is nervous about getting a job for what he is training for and has already instructed us not to have any graduation celebration UNTIL he has a job and has passed any probation period! He is so funny sometimes. But what a great kid!


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