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Running on empty

October 13th, 2005 at 06:34 pm

Only got about 3 hours sleep last night. I was hurting alot and tossing and turning. Made for a rough start today. I did manage to walk over to the bank and get my banking done (should have done it yesterday, but couldn't walk anymore). Really pushed myself to work on my on-line business and got some mailings ready to go out. Hubby came home early, walked in and said he was hungry and started scrounging in the fridge. Before I knew it, he had eaten what he wanted for supper. I ended up going to Burger King and a quick run over to the grocery store (same plaza). Spent about $10 at the store, so I think I've spent about $47 in groceries for the month, so I'm doing real well with my goal of staying under $250.

Had another ING referral today from this board-thanks! which makes my $5000 challenge up to $200! ING has changed it's referral process, now people have to deposit $250 to get the $25 bonus and the referrer get the $10 bonus. Still a great deal.

Time to hit my new stack of mystery books to get even more relaxed before I go to bed and hopefully I'll SLEEP tonight! The joys of arthritis. some of the pain you can ignore while doing things and then you go to bed and its like the pain is coming out of the woodwork-yuck.


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