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Library Book Sale

October 12th, 2005 at 08:05 pm

Our library is having a book sale. I usually go to pick up books for resale on line. Didn't find much for resale this time, but did find a bunch of the kind of mystery books I like to read so came home with a huge stack of new reading material. These books seem to go well at www.frugalreader.com also so eventually as I read them, I'll be getting even more books.

Ended up taking two walks today. One to go get blood work and another to take some sold books to the post office. We have only one working vehicle so when hubby is at work, I have to walk or not get something done. The bloodwork was necessary and I had promised the ebay buyers that I would send their stuff today. I should really sleep well tonight as that was a lot of exercise for me today.

Leftover roast for supper, but ruined the rice in the microwave so had to start that all over again. Don't like wasting Uncle Ben's rice as it is so expensive.


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