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Way Behind!

October 3rd, 2005 at 10:31 am

Got back from our trip and promptly got sick again so am way behind on everythins. Just today, I finally pulled the rest of our clothes out of the suitcase and we got home last Wens.! The only good thing about feeling so nasty so often, is at least I'm 'earning' my SS disability! Looking forward to catching up on reading journals as I feel better.

Did get a major savings on our trip. We always get a handicap room at hotels because of my physical problems, and wouldn't you know, the handicap seat on the toilet was loose. In the middle of the night, it slipped so bad that it not only pinched my thigh, it drew blood! We got that night free, all our phone calls free, and 10% off the prior night! If you have a legitimate complaint--do it. Plus the maid for some reason seemed to think she could just walk into our room at 9:15AM without knocking!

Except for one day, we had beautiful traveling weather which we hadn't expected. We also got a chance to dip our toes in the Atlantic ocean and had a chance for a very romantic kiss in the waves, till we realized how COLD the water was. Hubby had never before been to an ocean. Picked up a beautiful shell on the beach as a souvenir. Those few minutes made memories for a lifetime and cost absolutely nothing!!

I'm crashing yet again, so signing off.

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