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Cheap day

September 17th, 2005 at 03:45 pm

Somehow I seemed to have made a math error on my grocery budget. I spent $5 on bread and milk and bananas today. When I added everything up, it came to less than my last few totals. Ever since I got sick, my math skills haven't been very good. Oh well. My current grocery total seems to be $217.43 with $32.57 left for the rest of the month. We have to make a business trip for about 5 of the days left where all our food will be counted as a trip expense not groceries, so I think I will make it by the skin of my teeth. I don't even want to know how much I HAD been spending on groceries before I started keeping track this month, my hubby would have been shocked!

We also went out for the last straggly yard sales of the season. I spent 35 cents on 7 books. 5 were cookbooks and will go into my collection or a cookbook lot on ebay. The other 2 books were the goodies. One is a text book has a chance of selling for around $40. The other is an old book from 1880 that only has a couple copies up for sale on the internet selling for $110 and up. My copy isn't quite as good shape, but I think I will try it on ebay first as it is an art book with a lot of great illustrations. So hopefully my 35 cents will greatly reproduce!

Spent more time writing ebay descriptions for some auctions to start later this week. We carried packages worth over $100 to the post office today. We are having a pretty good month for on line sales plus hubby picked up some business, hence the business trip.

September grocery goal $250
spent $217.43

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