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September 16th, 2005 at 03:18 pm

Today I'm feeling so hungry, like I could eat a horse. I really would like some pizza and was sitting wondering if I could get hubby to go out tonight (fat chance!). then read everyone else's journals and decided if I want pizza, I better get on out to the kitchen and make some! I have all the ingredients and was just being lazy about supper since I've been pretty busy all day.

No spend day. Did receive money though as I had a bunch of eBay auctions end and about half the people have paid already, so I spent almost 2 hours packaging everything up and doing the paperwork. Also ended up on the phone with the Curcuit City rebate center concerning 2 rebates we are due. They had sent me emails that they had sent out our two rebates (totaling $235) to our address. As soon as I saw our address, I immediately called them up, not only was the city wrong, but so was the zip code. Could not possibly have been my error when wiffling them out--why would anyone put the wrong city and zip code down on 2 seperate rebate forms? Anyhow now they have to reissue us our checks, so who knows how much longer it will take to get them.

Off to make pizza. Thanks for all the encouragement via your journals!


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